Soundviecher 3rd Anniversary feat. Gemini`s Sundance & Spacetribärn

Gemini´s Sundance( Bines B’day), Soundviecher Jubiläum und DanShivans Spacetribärn Birthday!!!!! Vor der Festivalsaison gibts noch einmal einen ein psychedelisches Zusammentreffen der berliner Soundliebhaber!
Nachts im Club und Chillbereich draußen,Vormittags gehts dann richtig raus mit Sound und allem, was dazu gehört!
Chaishop by Stephen er wird euch draussen mit chai & Kaffee verwöhnen.
lekker Caipi’s und Cocktails by Caipi-StefanOn this last Party before summer break, the 3rd anniversary of Soundviecher, Bine`s Birthday, which is also well-known as the “Gemini`s Sundance” and the birthday of Dj Dan Shivan, known as “Spacetribären” we felt a very strong energy between everybody and so we wanna thank you all for your positive feedback to this party. We`re proud that we could dance all together on a very warm and sunny day outside the club in the sun.In case of that we wanna thank u all for your never-ending energy. One`s again we  had a lot of nice experiences & feelings!
All in All we had a lot of fun!!! Additionally we also wanna thank Sascha (evilears) for his creative art & design, Pauline (TröKraTec) & Martin (Pangaeon) for their paintings, Madelaine, Psydan, DanShivan for the support in any case, Christian & Rico for driving , Sascha, Ronny, the guys of “Spielraum”, Matze (Nature Dynamics) for the PA, all Dj`s & live acts and finally all other helpers & supporters of Soundviecher.

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