Tryon (Portugal)

Tryon is Telmo Pereira from Portugal.
The music entered in his life at the age of 9 years old, when he started to play “cavaquinho”, which is a traditional Portuguese guitar. After that, in the middle of 2000, he had his 1st contact with Psytrance Culture. He started to make his 1st experiments with electronic music and in 2006 started his own project under the name Tryon, under guidance of the team of our friends in Portugal from Fungi Records.
His sound is characterized by intense power-full kicks and bass-lines, mixed up with hypnotic multi-layered leads and the way thought most of the tracks. His music is unique where only a few other big names like Absolum (3D Vision) & Concept (Fungi/Mind Funk) come to mind.
Most of his tracks are all built around the theme of the Cyclic Time Castles of the Mayan Calendar. Those harmonic and often geometric patterns are synchronized with the body & can open the mind to new realities & dimensions. The final goal is to alter the D.N.A. structure through experiencing sounds & shifting a major inner transformation… that is what Tryon stands for and delivers!


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