Terraformers (France)

(T.I.P. World)

David and Stef (Total Eclipse) got together to make music under the name Terraformers in 2004. The band has recorded a few tracks for TIP World(UK), Doof records(Israel), under the name Psychodroid,BOM Shanka rec (UK); gabole.com (fr) ; Nun shaker rec (fr) and has been playing in psychedelic trance parties and festivals; likes Solclipse in Turkey; BOOM Festival 2006 in Portugal; OMNI festival in Spain in 2005; Freacks Blast 1 in Portugal; Dragon Hunthers in Spain and many more…

Now we are working very hard for a 2008 Album released at the end of the year on MANDALA records a French Label, and Cedric Lamouche join the band end 2007.

See Terraformers live video in Paris at the TBE and Gaia Freak&Chic new years eve party thanks to Psytrancetv use this link and open it with VLC or Qt Real. Next Release, July 18 2008 on Mandala records; Chrystal Dreams compilation and soon on Pixan Recordings under the name “Psykodroids” one track maked in collaboration with Illegal Machines and Synthetic Chaos. Available on psyshop.com.



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