Scorb (U.K.)

(Trick Music)

Considered to be one of the most consistent and original artists on the psychedelic scene, Scorb aka Yod Onsen has been releasing music for over six years. The eponymous debut album released on Ambivalent records in 2003 gained him international attention and a slew of releases on international labels have affirmed his position as a leading producer on the scene. Tight arrangements, infectious hooks and a phat low end typify the Scorb sound and the new album; “Ipso Fvcto” to be released December 7th 2007 on Trick will shred heads the world over.

In addition to Scorb, Yod has a number of side projects; The bone crunching psy-tech of RAM with Lek Black (NRS), The dark progressive leanings of Squid Inc. with Deviant Species’ Santos De Castro, pHibian; Yod’s new hard techpsy project and Orzels Machine, a technobreakz outfit with Mike Rucinski. Also look out for a new project in 2008 with 3D-Vision’s man of the moment Arnaud Levasseur aka Concept!

As if that weren’t enough, Yod is also a graphic designer, performing art and design duties for a number of labels, Including Ambivalent, LPS (Last Possible Solution) and Trick.



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