Jeevan Mukti (Germany/France)

Jeevan Mukti

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Jeevan Mukti – Liberation in Life
Jeevan Mukti is Alexandre Viain from Germany/France. He is a passionate multi talented artist who loves to express himself in every way possible: singing, painting, drawing, dancing, playing music.First contact with Psytrance scene was in 1997 when he was
riding his bike on a wonderful festival named Shiva Moon. Since 2001 he was organizing partys himself, performing as DJ several times.Powerful entheogenics opened the door to spirituality, so in 2002 he began to study Raj Yoga and to meditate regularly. He began to realize his true nature as embodied eternal spiritual light, living in a body without attachment to it. ( It..s so easy to forget and to fall back into body conciousness, sometimes it..s so hard to remember ;-)His intention is to heal and transformate himself for the world can heal itself and transformate into a peaceful place full of love and respect for each other. He tries to spread the
loving, peaceful and powerful light wherever he is able to.His DJ-Sound ranges from spiritual chants of almost every culture over meditative ambient scapes up
to downbeats and danceable psy dub. He is very intuitive in DJing and he loves to communicate with his audience. His DJ Set is very varied, emotional deep and uplifting.Actually he is working on a new live act including live drums and percussions, guitar and (overtone) singing. It will be pure spiritual joy for your
eyes, ears and your heart.The seed is planted and tasty soul-nourishing fruits will appear next spring.*May you be as powerful as the soft water, which washes rigidity and harshness henceforth*
Yaad, Pyar and Namasté to all of you lovely beeings out there 🙂