Soundviecher “Meet and Greet”

7a_SV_meet&greet 7b_SV_meet&greet

A small “meet and greet” with our locals. A warm up for next week (04.12.09. “Soundviecher presents Lost Theory Records”) The Soundforms of Life will be there, for sure! The PA will be a “Kling & Freitag”- system from Nature Dynamics.

Kleiner Zwischenlandungsbesuch aus dem Soundviecher-Universum als warm up zur Lost Theory-Soundviecher-Zusammenkunft am 4.12.!!! Meet the Soundviecher!!!! PA in gewohnt guter Qualität inklusive….

23:00 Uhr Diavolo (Creaton)
02:00 Uhr Largo (Pangeon)
04:00 Uhr Jo-naz (Evil Knivel)
06:00 Uhr Projekt 25 (Trishula Records)
08:00 Uhr Psydan (Evil Knivel/ Soundviecher)
10:00 Uhr ElektroEngel(Soundviecher/ Mindfunk)

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