Galactic Monkey (Catawampus Rec/UK)

(Catawampus Rec.)
Galactic Monkey – Having decided that the punters wanted to hear more than a drum kit falling down the stairs (as early forrays into the dj jungle had shown) ‘the galactic monkey project’ enticed far greater pleasure both in the making and the performing. The thing he really loved tho was making a racket. After much pondering and quite a bit of begging, by hook or by crook he got himself a loaded laptop,a pair of headphones and the Galactic Monkey project was alive. So in the late Indian summer of 2006 he decided he was a musician.
Galactic Monkey has pioneered his sound creating punchy driving tuneage with a tongue in cheek ripple, others call it twisty and chunky,either way it’s a strange infectious form of Psychedelic music and WE LIKE IT


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