ElektroEngel (Soundviecher)


In 2002 a wonderful story began in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Nina aka Djane ElektroEngel visited her first psytrance happening ever.
One day early in the morning a friend took her to a party. It was a psychedelic trance party. And so a new psytrance junky was born.
Very soon she recognized that psy is her profession. She felt coming home and so she got more and more involved in the scene.
After 3 years of consuming the music and spirit her flat mate bought some cd-players and a mixer but fortunately he didn’t use the stuff. Powered by her inner voice she took the chance and started dj-ing. After six month practicing she had her first gig in a club in Berlin. Many more followed.
As Djane Elektroengel she decided to give something back to the community. With her friend Marco she founded the Soundviecher project to make parties. On the same synonym she played in a dj team together with Projekt 25 who influenced Nina`s style of music in a special psychedelic way.
Using the music as a medium for transmitting emotions and feelings is one of the biggest things in her life. When she´s playing you’ll drop into her world as a part of the story.
In her sets she wants to describe what it means for her to be alive. It´s a fresh kind of sound that makes you feel this time, now and here, as much as possible. One moment it´s hard and tricky, in the next moment it´s melodic and sweet, changes into psychedelic vibes you don´t need to think about, just dance!!!
It doesn´t matter if there are five people or 500 at the dancefloor, that they´ re rocking is important. It is time to rock, when Elektroengel is on stage!
In 2007 she met Shawnodese. He heard her playing in Berlin a few times and they both thought the same way, that her taste of music really fits to the Mind Funk style.
In her young dj-carrere she shared stages with Shawnodese, Ada, Azax Syndrom, NRS, Chriss (fullmoon), Projekt 25, DanShivan, Diavolo, Concept, Slug, Highko, Kindzaza, Megalopsy, Iguana (Naked Tourist), Momo, Protonica, Freakulizer, Frechbax, Ankur and many more…!

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