Dunkelrob (Soundviecher)

Dunkelrob is a Berlin psytranceproject with many faces. Before he was called Dunkelrob he made some music under different names and of many different styles. But there´s one adjective, which describes his sound at all: psychedelic!
His rolling baselines including crispy kicks make you moving and together with intelligent musical ingredients Dunkelrob tells you magical psychedelic stories in each track. His eclectic style cannot be pressed in one word, so it´s your turn to choose what it´s called like! Call it like you want, but be sure to be rocked on the dancefloors, he is playing at. It doesn´t matter if it´s day or night, there´s a story for everyone and anytime and The SoundFormsOfLife are living there in every moment of his set.


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