DJ Hotzenplotz

DJ Hotzenplotz
(Naturo Fluoro)
HotzenPlotz is Emre Schmidt. and in the age of 12 he started to learn a bit drums. When he was 16 he had already some Goa Genres from MorningPsy till DarkPsy and in the age of 18 he went first time to a Goa party he loved. The people laughed and danced. The Feelings and Vibrations of the Music put him in a Trance. This was his boarding as DJ.
He started mixing in 2008 and his style is clearly Twilight Psychedelic,Full-On, Deep Psychedelic, SuomiSoundi and DarkProg. He also started organizing Psy Parties near Freiburg and had his first dj gigs at other events.
In the year 2010 he played by the little Record Naturo Fluoro (Freiburg).
And now after 2years, he comes to the Soundviecher Berlin to inspire you.
He is a very grazy man with magical inspiration of the life and in the music! Listen…. he said lets Rock and keep psychedelic!


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