Daksinamurti (Rudraksh Rec)

(Rudraksh Rec.)

Dj Daksinamurti is Till K. From Marburg/ Germany. In his sets he prefers twilight styled / Night Full ON. But i also have a weakness for good produced non cheesy morning music…
In 2005 he joined Shiva Space Technology for which he made a compilation. End of 2007 he joined the South African label “Nexus Media”…
Together with Dj Shivamoon he runs the India based label Rudraksh Records where Till is A&R and Co-Manager.
Daksinamurti performed at Freedom Festival (Portugal 2005 & 2007), Ominfestival (Spain/2005) Fullmoon Festival (Germany 2006 & 2008) Antaris (Germany 2006)Fusion (Germany/2007) Psycrowdelica (2007), VuuV (2008) and various other parties in countries such as South Africa Germany, Portugal, India, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Thailand, Netherlands, Italy, Dubai, Uk, Finland …
His first compilation V/A “Spiritually Spaced ouT” was released December 2006 on Shiva Space Technology with artists such as: Scorb vs Tenzing , Shiva(Jörg), Slug, Mechanix, Hydraglyph, Menog, O.I.L, Concept, Wizack Twizack (Khopat rmx) & Sick Addicktion (Tryambaka & D Maniac)…
In June 2007 compilation V/A “Deep Fried” compiled with Dj Shivamoon on “Rudrakshrecords” with artists such as: Abomination, Neuromotor, Audialize, Concept, Shift, Phyx, Tryambaka , I-dna & Delysid… and the double benefit Cd V/A Ahimsa (Dacru& Rudraksh Records)



more about Daksinamurti…


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