Astronom (The Marburg Virus)

(The Marburg Virus)
Hi, this is Jens aka DJ ASTRONOM. I´m a part of “The Marburg Virus” from one of the best cities in the World, MARBURG.
I have played on a lot of great parties in the last 9 years. Via psychedelic sound I have got the chance to travel across Europe to play on a number of nice parties (Austria, Schwizerland, Sweden, Marocco, Netherlands & also Germany) parties as well; I also performed on the Full(Mo)on-Festival, the Antaris, Biocosma-Festival & the Summersend-Festival and many more.
To be in trance is a part of my life. Moreover I´m a dance floor freak who started djing in 1999. My style is going to be partly melodic & creative but very propulsive though. In 2007 me & my angel Eva started a new twiglight experiment, in which we try to explore into psy-music & it´s verifying dimensions.
Thanks to everybody who has supported me in this adventure. Thanks to the party people who rocked the dance floor, thanks to the organizers who booked me. 😉

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